Our Services


Imagine classroom environments enriched with interactive elements including virtual whiteboards, projectors, 3D objects, and more. Your instructors can be projected onto a screen in a virtual environment or can be embodied into life-like 3D avatars for engaging classroom interaction.

Workplace Training

Train your employees using scenes, scenarios and settings that are made to closely resemble your workplace. Customised training in customised settings. Include decision tree logic for scenario branching and assessment.

Safety Training

Create customised high impact safety training using scenes and elements unique to your workplace. Increase retention of information by engaging role play where the consequences of decisions can be experienced in a virtual setting.


The user experience is everything. Designing an engaging virtual experience requires more than technical skills in virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality. Let our experienced producers and scriptwriters carefully storyboard your next VR user experience.

360/180° VR Photography

Brilliant VR photography shot to suit all devices. Include motion by teleporting or other forms of navigation. Use interactive hotspots for highly contextualised information and user interaction.

Future Proofing Media

Future proof your media assets by making them “VR ready”. VR is the number one emergent technology of the 21st century and is set to be the preferred way of engaging with enriched digital information. Make your media ready.